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12+ Tech Business Ideas In (2020) For Startups

Technology is growing at a rapid rate. So there are a lot of opportunities for starting a business in the tech niche. We are sharing some amazing tech business ideas 2020 in this blog.

Best Tech Business Ideas

1. Tech Video Channel

Tech Video Channel

One of the best and easy to start businesses is creating a tech channel on YouTube. In which you can share information regarding new gadgets. You can also create comparing different gadgets. You can also share the tutorials on how to use these gadgets. For this you just need a small room to start. Once your videos started getting views and you have enough subscribers. Then you can earn through Adsense. You can also add paid promotions on your videos.

2. Social Media Consulting

This is the ear of social media. Almost everyone using social media sites. And companies prefer to promote their products and services on social media. For this, they look for the companies that provide these services. So this can be a good idea to work on.

3. SEO Services

SEO Services - Tech Business Idea

Search engine optimization is in demand nowadays. Companies want to rank high in search engines. For this, they need SEO Services. So this is a great idea you can work on. If you have a sound knowledge about SEO you can start it from today. You can find clients on freelancing platforms. You can also directly contact them on their contact form or you can outreach them on their Linkedin profiles.

4. Shopping App

A lot of companies need shopping apps. They want to sell their products online. So if you have a team that can create shopping apps you can make good money from it.

5. Ebook Writing

E book Writing - Tech Business Idea

If you love writing. Then you can write books and sell them on Amazon Kindle. This is not limited to a specific topic. You can write a book on any topic. You can sell them online and make money. This is the simplest business idea for women.

6. Tech Blog

Another simplest idea is starting a tech blog. In this blog, You can cover a lot of topics related to technology. You can share knowledge about gadgets. Comparison of products, tutorials, and other related topics. You apply for AdSense and make money.

7. Tech Gadgets Renting

Companies need to arrange workshops and conferences. For that, they need extra pieces of equipment and gadgets. You can start renting them out. This is one of the best renting business ideas you can start. For this, you need to keep your equipment up to date and maintain them on a regular basis.

8. Online School

Online School -Tech Business Idea

Nowadays people prefer to learn online. So if you have knowledge on a particular topic. You can teach it online. For that either you can set up a website or you can sell it on already existing platforms like Udemy.

9. Web Design Service

Web Design Service - Tech Business Idea

If you have a sound knowledge of HTML and CSS. Then you can offer web design services to companies and startups. Nowadays every company needs a website to show their online presence. You can design them beautiful landing pages. You can also create the themes and sell them online.

10. Chat Bot

Chatbots are used to communicate with users of the website/apps. In order to help them with the website. This is for 24/7 support. So every other website needs this. There is a lot of room in this area. If you can provide service in multiple languages. Then people from all over the world with purchase it. You can create multiple subscription packages.

11. Gadgets Repair

Gadgets Repair

Over the past few years use in the tech devices is increased. Millions of devices people use every day. Some people get damage to their devices and need to repair them. So repairing gadgets is a great business idea to enter. In order to give facilities to your customers, you can offer them services in their homes. Or you can offer them pickup and delivery services.

12. Online Stores

As we already mentioned the demand for gadgets and IT products increasing day by day. So it is one of the best tech business ideas you create your own gadgets store. And sell the products online. For this, you need a good supplier and your own website. You can also sell these products via other e-commerce stores.