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229+ Ecstatic Candle Business Names For You (2020)

Of great concern, if you have creative skills and to make homemade candles. Then, be ready to be artisan and an entrepreneur to start candle making business. Due to, the idea feeling excited! So, I am going to tell you about candle business names. Though, give a read. 

Even so, National Candle Association says that 7 householders out of 10 burn candles. Here, you absolutely get the good news that 70% of the population is kind of your business. Moreover, you are not so far from a great start and a successful opportunity

Most of all, people buy candles for many reasons making this product a great one. Such as, essential home decor element, for enhancing home scents and trends of aromatherapy. Additionally, this candle industry expected to generate around $664 billion by 2020. 

However, candles comes with variation in colors and designs. So, you can play with your creativity to offer unique candles to your clients. 

More emphatically, let us talk about more reasons to have candle business. 

  • In particular, this business is very easy to start and the learning process is quite easy. 
  • Further, without any long list of equipment or space you need basic supplies. As well as, tools and a  peaceful workplace.
  • Accordingly, very low at budget like $3 to make and sell like $9 or more as a good profit. 
  • Moreover, you have options to market your candles at different places. Such as, gift stores, farmers markets, craft malls. As well as, through online outlets or even on your own website. 
  • However, candles have many varieties scent candles come in dozens of flavors. Therefore, these candles are known as aromatherapy candles too. 
  • For this, as your customers looking for pleasant spell in their homes. Thus, people please to create unique scents at homes that will appeal by every one. 
  • Specifically, essential oils used in aromatic candles to enhance physical or mental well being. As an example, lavender scents are popular and associated with relaxation. 

In particular, following are the name ideas for candle business.

  • White Pillers Candles
  • Wax Secrets
  • Voila Flame
  • Thymes
  • The Frosted Candle Company
  • Silver Leaf Bath & Candle Co.
  • Scentsy
  • Root Candles
  • New Flame Candles
  • My Fragrant Home
  • Me Time Melts
  • Lovely Lights
  • Mad Glimer
  • Just Candles
  • Fragrance De-Lite
  • Circle Shadow
  • MoonBaby Candle Co.
  • WhiteSpice Candles
  • Desiviva Candles
  • Aroma Flick Candle Co.
  • CandleWave
  • AuraGallery
  • KnightGlow
  • Fabulous Flame
  • Candle 79

Gorgeous Candle Business Names

candle business names

Final Words

Henceforth, creating an outstanding name for a business is not easy at all. But, considering the following points can make it a little bit easier and more reliable. 

  • Most important of all, your business name must define philosophy of your business. As, this will help your client to recognize you exactly who you are. 
  • Additionally, differentiate your name from the crowd as well as easy to remember. 
  • As a matter of fact, make your business name easy to spell and pronounce to your clients. 
  • Furthermore, you can use fusion of two words to generate something unique and meaningful.
  • Following this, borrow synonym words or random phrases from other languages. 
  • Make sure, your business name has potential to become a brand. 

Therefore, this is all about name ideas for candle business . However, if you have suggestions of names so you can share in the comment box.

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