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450+ Cute Craft Business Names (2020)

Are you looking for unique craft business names (2020)? Then you are on the right page.

Here we are sharing more the 500 names that will give you an idea about what type of names people using. And how they are choosing their names.

In addition to this, we will also share some general rules about selecting good business names. These rules will help you to select a good name for your crafts startup.

Lets start with a names list first.

Good Craft Business Names (2020)

  • Kiddie Craft Inc
  • Taylor Carftworks
  • Yuma Designs
  • The Crafty Kids
  • Deco Crafts
  • Masha Designs
  • Hudson County Arts
  • Leekan Designs
  • Scrap Yards
  • Knitty City
  • Johns Frame & Art
  • Mexican Art Crafts
  • Bell Art Materials
  • Queller Crafts
  • Royal Craft Trimming
  • West Side Kids
  • Nations Art
  • Columbus Art Gallery
  • Downtown Stationers
  • Image Anime
  • Shine Trim
  • Bead Center
  • Bead Valley

Catchy Craft Business Names (2020)

  • KC Arts
  • Soho Art House
  • Five Below
  • Wilton Gallery
  • Fine Beads
  • Tipsy Crafts
  • Needle Point
  • Rainbow Tape
  • Authentic Looms
  • Creative Scents
  • Make A Frame
  • Color Me Mine
  • Little Shop Of Crafts
  • Crafts Planet
  • Rita’s Needle Point
  • Ribbons & Flowers
  • Fiber Notion
  • Slip Stitch
  • The Painted Pot
  • Classic Album
  • 5 Myles
  • The Craft Shop
  • Master Crafts
  • MT Framing

Cute Craft Store Names (2020)

  • Painting Twist
  • Beads On Fifth
  • Fashion Class
  • Angel-lino Arts
  • Holiday Crafts
  • Goodman Gallery
  • For Art’s Sake
  • Arcadia Fine Arts
  • Craft Jam
  • Little Artists
  • Mora Floral Art
  • Beam Center
  • Painting Twist
  • Clay works Pottery
  • Seaport Yarn
  • 5 Blow Crafts
  • Upraise Art
  • Beads Of Paradise
  • Silk Road Beads
  • American Beads
  • Young Audiences
  • Fun 2 Bead
  • Genesis Crafts
  • Turing Crafts

List Of Craft Business Names

Craft Business Names List (2020) - A list of more than 500 craft business names

How To Select Name For Craft Business?

There is a lot of competition in the craft business. A lot of people starting this business. In order to compete in the market, you need good service and products. Additionally, you will also need a good craft business name.

In this section, we will share some general rules that will make it easy for you to select a good name. Follow the step-by-step process.

1. Brainstorming

In the first step, you need to note down all the names that are coming into your mind. For this, you can take help from the lists given above.

In addition to this, you can do a quick competitor analysis. And check what type of names they are using.

Just make sure that you are using the relevant words in your names. Words that are reflecting your services. Our teams suggest the following words for a craft business.

  • DIY
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Hands

Create your list and move to the next step.


KISS rule states “Keep It Short & Simple”. This rule has two parts. Firstly it focuses on short names. This means that keep your name small. Do not use too many words in your name.

Secondly, the rule emphasizes simple names. This means that do not use the difficult words in your names. Words that are hard to spell and pronounce.

Now you can filter your list based on the KISS rule. For each question ask the following questions and perform filtration.

  • Is this name unique?
  • Does this name be relevant to craft business?
  • Is this name is easy to spell and pronounce?

Shortlist your names and move to the next step.

3. Feedback

Now you will have 5-6 names on your list. The next step is to ask for feedback. You can ask for feedback from industry experts and potential customers.

Ask the following questions from customer so that you get the clear idea.

  • Is this name memorable?
  • What comes to your mind after hearing the name for the first time?
  • Is this name easy to spell and pronounce?

Shortlist more names and move to the next step.

4. Availability

Now you will have 2-3 names on your list. That’s great, we now need to check either the domain name is available or not.

The domain name is essential for creating a website and show your digital presence. Our teams prefer the (.com) domain names. Please do not use hyphens (-) in your domain name.

We hope that this post has helped you in selecting a catchy name for your crafts startup. Please share your selection with us in the comment section given below.

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