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500+ Lighting Company Names (2020)

Are you looking for lighting company names (2020)? Then you are on the right page.

Here we are sharing a list of names that will give you ideas on how you can name your new startup.

Additionally, we will also share some general rules that will help you to select a catchy business name for your bulb startup.

Names For Lighting Company

  • Bright Light
  • Endless Glow
  • Lights Corner
  • LED World
  • Lighting Showroom
  • United Lighting
  • Lighting Gallery
  • Lamps Plus
  • Light World
  • Crystal Clear
  • Johns Electric
  • LED Corner
  • BK Electric
  • Luminescent
  • Frost Lighting
  • Lamp Works
  • Flos USA
  • LED Experts
  • Light Time
  • iLight Inc
  • LED Lighting
  • Exclusive Lights
  • Light Up
  • City Of Lights
  • Moon Light

Bulb Company Names (2020)

  • Bulbs Corner
  • Light Experts
  • Bulbs & Batteries
  • Staples Electric
  • NES Lights
  • Marina Electric Inc
  • Exceptional Lighting
  • Hybrid Power
  • Lamps Gallery
  • Frost Lighting
  • Lights Center
  • Spark Master
  • ASAP Solutions
  • New Vision
  • Luxury Beam
  • Focus Lighting
  • City Lights
  • FirstLight
  • Taylor Lighting Design
  • Levy Lighting
  • House Of Lights
  • Brilliant Lighting
  • Light Source
  • Bright Hours
  • Solar Light

LED Lighting Company Names (2020)

A list of more than 400 lighting company names (2020)

How To Name Your Lighting Company?

1. Brainstorming

The first step is brainstorming. In this step, you have to list down all the name ideas that are coming into your mind. For this, you can take help from the lists given above.

Moreover, you can do a quick competitor analysis. As a result, you will get an idea of what type of names are working in the market.

Just make sure that you are using the words that reflect your business. Our team suggests the following words.

  • Light
  • Bulb
  • Spark
  • Bright
  • Beam
  • Glow
  • Vision
  • Torch
  • Power

Prepare your list and move to the next step.

2. KISS Rule

KISS rule stands for “Keep It Short & Simple”. This rule has two parts.

Firstly, It focuses on short names. In other words, do not use too many words in your name.

Secondly, the rule focuses on the simple names. To clarify, do not use difficult words in your names. Words that are hard to spell and pronounce.

Now shortlist your names based on KISS rule and move to the next step.

3. Feedback

Now you have shortlisted your names. The next step is to get some feedback from potential customers and from industry experts.

As a result, of this feedback, you will be left with a few catchy names. You can ask the following questions in your feedback.

  • Is this name memorable?
  • How you will spell this name?
  • What comes to your mind when you hear the name for the first time?

After that, shortlist your names and move to the next step.

4. Availability

You need a domain name for the website to show your digital presence. So the next step is to check the domain name availability for each name you have on your list.

Moreover, also check the trademark conflict for each name you have on your list.

We hope that this post have helped you in selecting a catchy name for your light startup. Please share your selection with us in the comment section given below.

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